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Name:Dr. John Smith
Dr. John Smith is... well, a very complex fabrication. To his knowledge, he was born in 1835 in Manchester, England and came to the United States in the 1850s to study at the Harvard School of Medicine. While there, he fell in love with and married a young woman named Romana. She died in 1860 while trying to give birth to their first child, who was stillborn. Heartbroken by this turn of events, Dr. Smith left New England and began to travel slowly westward, his journey briefly interrupted by the Civil War, where he served as a battlefield surgeon. Since the war ended he's moved further west, ending up in Dustdevil, Wyoming.

Except none of that ever happened. He wholeheartedly believes that it did, though. In fact, a certain Gallifreyan survivor of the Time War, shortly after meeting a woman named Rose (who refused to travel with him, and it hasn't yet occurred to him to go back and tell her that she'd be traveling through time as well) encountered members of another barely-surviving race destroyed in the war. Upon discovering they had a complex plan for using him and the Tardis to reconstruct their planet -- at the expense of several galaxies -- the Doctor fled from them and hid himself away, using the Chameleon Arch in his Tardis to transform himself into the man he currently believes he is. The Tardis itself has managed to use its own chameleon circuit -- which it usually pretends is non-functional -- to disguise itself as a horse.

But Dr. John Smith knows nothing of this, and never will know anything of this for as long as he lives in Dustdevil... unless something truly catastrophic happens that compels him to open up his fob watch.

In the meantime, he's the town doctor, with a practice on Main Street and a tendency to dabble in a little Mad Science on the side, along with some creative writing as he has aspirations of being the next Jules Verne. He has no idea that most of the fantastical adventures he's writing about are ones he's actually lived. He occasionally has a few clairvoyant glimmers -- which often result in him being exactly where he's needed when someone has a medical emergency -- but other than that he comes across as a completely normal, albeit extremely intelligent and a bit dotty, human being.


((This is an RPG character from [info]dustdevils, based on the Ninth Doctor from the TV show Doctor Who. The character is the property of the BBC. Christopher Eccleston is the PB, and owns himself. Pictures are drawn from one of his films, I Am Dina, since the film actually has him in appropriate period costume. No harm is intended, no revenue is being made, and everything's done in the spirit of having lots of fun.))
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